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Ariane Erickson


Ariane began her writing career at the age of 5 when her poem, “Apples are light, apples are bright, apples are tasty, what a delight!” was published in the local paper. She started writing and crafting her first book soon thereafter:

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 She wrote copiously in her journal in high school, won best thesis in the Econ department in college, dabbled in screenplays in her 20s (a requirement of living in LA), and discovered the wonderful world of picture books upon having children. Nowadays she is living her dream of writing and publishing children’s books with her husband Todd under the Norse-Gael Books banner.

Todd Erickson


Todd started writing short stories and comics in 3rd grade and hasn’t stopped writing since. Over the years, his other creative outlets have included screenplays, song lyrics, sketch comedy, journal articles, blog posts, a monthly children’s book newsletter, and, ultimately, picture book manuscripts.


He is also a Head Teacher at Stanford University's Bing Nursery School, where he scaffolds play, opens hearts, challenges minds, and reads loads and loads of picture books to his students. He enjoys tapping into the deep wonder, boundless hope, and endless creativity of young children as both a teacher and a picture book writer, and is beyond excited to share Norse-Gael Books first publication, Baxter and Jeffrey with his many young readers, past, present, and future!

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Asked Questions

What’s the hardest thing about writing children’s books?

Ariane: Trying to find Taylor Swift 2023 Eras Tour tickets during the TicketMaster debacle. What a meltdown (my kids were pretty upset too).

Ummm, I was actually asking what’s hard about writing for children…

Oops! I thought you asked “What’s hard about parenting children.” Being an author is easy compared to securing Taylor Swift Eras Tour tickets for your children!

Umm, okay. Todd, same question…

Todd: Getting their names right. I’m always calling Audrey “Rowan” and Rowan “Audrey.” Silly me!

Let’s just move on. Here’s a fun question. What song do you most love singing at the top of your lungs?

Ariane: I will never pass on an opportunity to sing Cameron Diaz’s version of “Little Girls” from the movie Annie. Our daughters will intentionally play that song and look at me expectantly. I even include choreo.

Todd: Disney’s “We Don’t Talk About Bruno.”

Last question: Aside from your own books, what’s your all-time favorite children’s book?

Todd: Having read thousands of books to youngsters over so many years, it’s impossible to pick just one! Maybe Owl Moon by Jane Yolen?

Ariane: Baxter and Jeffrey.


Ariane: Followed only by The Monster at the End of This Book by Jon Stone and Michael Smollin and starring lovable furry old Grover. Classic.

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